Family Days!

Hello, hello and welcome to another round of Kate’s family-day-photo dump! In this week’s post, you’ll be getting not one but two days’ worth of pretty photos taken by none other than the writer herself (me, by the way).

This week, my dad was off on Wednesday and Thursday. So, my parents decided that we would have back-to-back family outings. They took us to explore downtown LA, the place we all enjoy the most, on Wednesday. A day I’ll showcase with pictures!!

First, we went to Grand Park where I took many pictures of flowers, though I can’t find them at the moment. 

Afterwards, we went to the Last Bookstore, somewhere my mom and I have been dying to go to for forever!

A View Of The Bookstore From The Second Floor Balcony
The First Flight Of Stairs Leading Up To The Second Floor
The Book Tunnel On The Second Floor
My Sister Elena At The Center Of The Bead Curtain She Found
My Favorite Picture From Upstairs (In The Travel Section)

I loved all of the displays with magnifying glasses I guess? They were the pictures I was most proud of! Anyways, after making our way through the beauty of the ever-popular Last Bookstore, we headed over to a Walgreens to get some water and then trecked over to the park we passed on the walk over to 5th Street!

But not before I got this picture that I’d been pining for since we entered the bookstore.

Isn’t This The Most Gorgeous Thing You’ve Ever Seen?
Elena At Spring Street Park
My Sister Tori On The Slide Steps
My Brother Nikolai Trying Not To Fall While Smiling

Afterward, at around 2, we got hungry and started making our way toward Grand Central Market to grab some lunch.

Something I Snapped A Picture Of On The Way Out Of The Park

I wasn’t too hungry because of the ginormous breakfast we had at Black Bear Diner in Downey that morning. We sat together but got food from different areas of the market, and I settled for the Wings at the Golden Road Brewing Place. It was Wing Wednesday and an order of 8 was a dollar. You know where to find me every Wednesday from now on.

Their Buffalo Wings Are Perfect. 10/5 Stars!

When we were done we had some leftovers to take to the car, which we parked in the Cathedral parking lot. We ended up playing around their field of statues while our parents explored the church.

My Siblings Having A Party In The Fish

We played for a while and then headed to Olvera Street, my favorite place in all of LA (except the Staples Center), to end the day. It was pretty empty, so I decided to snap away while I could!

View Of The City Hall Building From Olvera Street
Beginning Of The Shops On Olvera Street


The Entrance of Hecho Con Cariño on Olvera Street

We ended the day with churros and icees, making our way up hills back to the car to get back home and, hopefully, pass out as soon as we could.

Day two called for naps, but we had different plans. We decided to go to the beautiful and incredibly gigantic Arboretum in Arcadia/LA County (of which we are now members! yay!).

Here I took many beautiful pictures, some of them I’m most proud of partially because of the effort it took to get them.

The First Peacock That Let Me Get Super Close
A Lily On Its Lilypad
A Table Through View Of A Tree
First One I Was Super Proud Of From The Day
Who Makes The Fruit Of The Vine Get Ripe? Persephone!
Flowers From The Mexico Trail!
Little Lizard Buddy, Eli
Another Peacock Watching The Ladies At The Cafe
The Peaceful Waterfall Near The Rose Garden
A View Of The Queen Anne Cottage Near Baldwin Lake
A Blue Dragonfly. I Nearly Fell Into Baldwin Lake For It.
Who Makes The Flowers Bloom Again In Spite Of Her Man?
Views From The Mexico Trail

The day was filled with love, laughter, and most importantly, family. We rarely have days fully together anymore because of our crazy busy schedules, but when we do, they tend to be the best adventures ever.

Thanks for reading, guys! Don’t forget to some back on Monday for the best adventure yet… A new site look and style! Many changes are happening come Monday, so don’t forget to come back and check them out! I’ll write you all on Monday!

Until Then!


Hi guys! Thanks so much for reading my blog post!

Mark your calendars for July 1st (Monday), because coming very soon are some pretty big blog changes. Hopefully, you’ll like what I’ll be bringing!

Lots of fun things are coming up, and I’m really excited to bring you along with me to experience and read about them!

As usual, like and comment if you please, I’d love to learn about you and your thoughts on my writing or my blog so far! If you have any thoughts on this post or have any suggestions for what you’d like to see from me in the future, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you all!

Thank you all so much, and I’ll be back on Monday with some changes to the blog and the schedule!

Until then!


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