Red, White, And Blue

Fourth of July. A day of celebration and the literal explosions of pride for a country that is as much of a mess as it’s people.

It’s a day I usually spend with my family, barbecuing and watching fireworks. But on the day before, July 3rd, I go to the park to watch the city’s presentation with a few friends!

The Gals (from left to right: Leslie, Valerie, Olivia, Brisa, and Natalie

This year I shared the joy of the five beautiful ladies pictured above. I had made them sit to take pictures for like ten minutes because I was having so much fun that if I didn’t take pictures right there and then, I wouldn’t have any for the post at all.

After a rapid-fire session of ten different poses and a million smiles and goofy faces, I snapped one of them resorting themselves to lay down on the blanket and chill out.

When we first got to the park we sat under a tree and ate pizza and breadsticks from Little Caesers, people watching and making fun of each other.

We walked around for a bit, saw and said hi to classmates that we hadn’t seen since school, and scouted for a good spot to watch the fireworks at.

Natalie And I Having A Good ‘Ol Time

We settled on a hill and waited for the sun to go, talking and looking at cute boys walking by, all of which only looking over because we were laughing and screaming like maniacs.

At one point, we sat in a circle and they all asked me to make up stories about what their lives might look like. I put it set a psychic tone and ran with it, creating crazy tragic or happy stories about what their lives could be. I created husbands, kids, houses, dogs. Anything you could give to the background and detail of a character, I gave to their futures.

They let me run wild with imagination for a solid two hours before we went back to talking and people watching, Eventually, we moved the picnic blanket to another spot that we thought would be better for the fireworks and laughed away until the lights went out and the fireworks started.

Immeadietly after they started we realized that the “good spot” we had picked was indeed not good at all. In the middle of loud bangs and light flashes we picked up the blanket in a panic and ran it over to a spot with less trees.

Cheesy Smiles For Cheesy Times

We laughed and screamed and sprinted toward the bottom of the hill, where we found a better view of the fireworks, tho still covered by palm trees.

All of us stood in awe for a few minutes, until the Big Bangs signaled the end of the show and we started to make our way down the street toward Olivia’s.

Golden Gals

The day was rightfully ended with fireworks, laughs, and an attack of cuddles with Olivia’s dog.

Red, White, And Blue Day (Yet None Of Us Wore Any Of Them)

It was the first time I’d truly enjoyed the third of July with friends that made me happy. The fact that there are so few pictures kinda proves it. Having too much fun to stop and snap a picture.

It was a great day, one I owe to all of the beautiful new friends that I never cease to have a good time with.

I hope you all have a beautiful Fourth Of July planned! Out of curiosity, what do you guys have planned for the holiday? Let me know in the comments below!

I’ll write you all on Sunday with our very first Show Tune Sunday, a new idea straight from ma brain to encourage more broadway content on the blog!

Until then!


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Until then!


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