It’s Begun

First two days of Junior year are over, and man what a packed few days they were. Many moments of excitement were shared and many moments of terror made an appearance as well. Most of it felt in drama (which is finally back to sixth period, thank goodness)!

Obligatory First Day Of School Picture With My Freshie Brother

My schedule for this year is pretty packed and goes as follows:

1st Period- AP US History

2nd Period- Pre Calculus

3rd Period- Aerobics

4th Period- AP Psychology

5th Period- AP Language Arts And Composition

6th Period- Advanced Drama

I’m genuinely interested and excited for each and every class this year, and that makes me really happy. It doesn’t hurt that I don’t dislike any of my teachers, either. (Yet. There’s still time, I suppose.)

In APUSH (AP US History) I’m excited to revisit the revolution and World Wars 1 and 2, some of my favorite things to learn about. I’m a huge history nerd (Thanks Mom).

Pre-calc doesn’t necessarily peak my interest as much as my other classes, but I’m hoping to improve in math overall. It’s not necessarily my best subject at this moment. Or at any moment, really.

For Aerobics, I’m excited to have a good workout everyday and relieve some stress. Considering everything I have planned for this year, stress will be high. Not to mention, the weight loss and muscle toning isn’t something I’m gonna hate.

5 Year Old Kate Circa 2008, Beating The Hell Out Of A High School Musical Piñata From Her Birthday Party

The human mind and how it works has always been an interest of mine. I like to know how people think, why they think it, and what else what they think makes them do. Basically, I want to get up all in that beautiful brain. Psych is the perfect class for that, so, you could say that I’m uh, PSYCHED about that one.


I’m so sorry for that.



So 5th Period! Language Arts has always been something that I’m relatively good at, so naturally, I like it a lot. The flow of essays and assigned reading has never been a problem (unlike math and science lmaoooooo) and there seems like there’s gonna be a lot of that this year.

And finally, my home away from home, Advanced Drama.

I won’t say much, just because a lot of things are up in the air right now, but I am so incredibly excited for this year.

This year I’m getting a little taste of both, tech and performing, something I didn’t really ever think I could do.

Not only am I doing those two, but I’m rejoining improv as a hostess! A friend is gonna be right there by my side as my co hostess and it should be a lot of fun!

So many fun things are going on this year, and I’m really excited to share all of it with you!

For today, that’s all I’ve got folks! I promise to keep you updated as the exciting plans come closer and arrive!

I’ll write you all on Show Tune Sunday!

Until Then!


Hi guys! Thanks so much for reading my blog post!

I’m so, so excited for this year and these past few days have brought me genuine happiness and positivity (as I hope they have or hope future days will for you)!

As usual, like and comment if you please, I’d love to learn about you and your thoughts on my writing or my blog so far! If you have any thoughts on this post or have any suggestions for what you’d like to see from me in the future, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you all!

Thank you all so much, and I’ll write you all on Sunday!

Until then!


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