What’s Not Inside (Fan Review)

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Last week, an album titled “What’s Not Inside: The Lost Songs From Waitress” was dropped by the beautiful and incredible Sara Bareilles. 


Waitress stole my heart before staged production even began when Sara Bareilles released an album titled “What’s Inside” in 2015. The production only made my love grow larger, and seeing the touring production with my Nina last year doubled my heart in size. 

Kate, Bro, What’s Goin On With Your Hair Deary?

Songs like “What Baking Can Do”, “A Soft Place To Land”, “Bad Idea”, “I Didn’t Plan It”, and “She Used To Be Mine” were ones that were always on repeat, with my absolute favorite, Lulu’s Pie Song always making an appearance.

With this new release, I’ve found a few new favorites! I’m not gonna lie, some of them I don’t have a particular indifference towards, but there are a few diamonds in here guys! Because I don’t like saying negative things about art that other people might adore or love (art’s super subjective, y’all. what you love is what you love!), I’m just going to rant about and explain why I love certain songs on the album and leave the others for you to form an opinion on.

Let’s dive into them!


Happy Enough:

This new song happens to be one of my favorites on the entire album. It seems to be coming from Cal’s perspective (the diner’s fry cook and Becky’s lover). I love this song a lot. It’s a new side of Cal that we get to hear, something I’ve always wanted to see. 

I’m obsessed with obscure characters and I’ve always wanted him to have a song or some other personality beside Becky’s affair and the trio’s boss/coworker. Besides me wanting to hear more from smaller characters, it reminds me of my father, which is kind of ridiculous because at first listen the lyrics are the complete opposite of him.

My Dad And I On My First Halloween 

My father is an ambitious freak, something I inherited, except he’s realistic about it. I have wild, fanciful dreams without thinking too much of the realistic obstacles I’ll face, and my dad takes a more realistic approach, with a solid plan to reach the end goal. 

At a more in-depth listen though, a few things Cal says is about keeping your head on straight and appreciating what you’ve got despite not currently having what you want. These sentiments are something Cal and my dad share, with a little more optimism and ambition being the difference between the two.

Cal’s retelling of his past to explain his present and future is a big part of why I love this song and why it reminds me of my father. Stories are important, which is why I love to sing, perform, read, and write. Stories need to be shared and felt, and with using the creation to explain the product, feeling it is a much easier task. 

Some of the lyrics truly hit me, the following of which spoke to me the most:

  • “I get by on happy enough”
  • “We can’t have it all”
  • “Might as well take what’s coming your way, sit and say ‘i’m happy enough’ “
  • “Make solid ground on happy enough

Do I think it should’ve been included in the musical? Maybe. I feel like it would’ve overpowered Becky’s song, “I Didn’t Plan It”, though maybe the songs could’ve been used for contrast or as an argument. Either way, I loved the song and have it on my musicals playlist.

Click Here To Listen To The Song!



Door Number Three:

This is my favorite song on the album. Before the release of the album, I had only heard Shoshana’s version of the song, and I loved every second of it. I always have this one blasting while doing homework or studying or just to sing along to. 

Though I adored Shoshana’s version (which I still watch all of the time on the musical’s Instagram), Sara Bareilles gives a true feeling to it, as a poet always does to their poetry.

The song touches on the unknown path she took through door number two (Earl, her abusive husband) and how it turned out all wrong, a motivation to go explore a new door, door number three (Dr. Pomatter).

Do I think it should’ve been included in the musical? No, but I adore it either way. A true soul shaker.  

Some lyrics that caught my attention:

  • “And I’m bound for a swim, In a pair of cement shoes” 
  • “He takes what he can, what he wants, Doesn’t matter if it’s ever been given”
  • “I was wrong to believe that strength makes you strong”
  • And now I’m heavy, He lifts me, but never once carried” 
  • “Door number two, I’ve already walked through, I wanna see what’s behind door number three”

Click Here To Listen To The Song!



Knocked Up You:

You guys HAVE TO listen to this one. At first listen, I didn’t really like it, because it didn’t feel like Waitress. It doesn’t match the tone or sound of the musical, but the song itself is an absolute bop and is hilariously creepy when really paying attention to the lyrics.

I don’t have any lines that stood out to me, and I clearly don’t think that this song should’ve been included in the musical, but the song is really fun and the last note of it stills my heart. Go give it a listen, please.



That’s all for this week’s Show Tune Sunday!

Let me know what you thought of the album in the comments below or the comments of my Instagram post. I’ll chat with y’all on Wednesday!

Until Then!


Hi guys! Thanks so much for reading my blog post!

This album was a soul soother, distracting us all from the realities of January 2020 (the show’s set closing date). I hope it kept your soul safe for its entirety.

As usual, like and comment if you please, I’d love to learn about you and your thoughts on my writing or my blog so far! If you have any thoughts on this post or have any suggestions for what you’d like to see from me in the future, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you all!

Thank you all so much, and I’ll write you all on Sunday.

Until then!


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