Dream Roles

Happy Show Tune Sunday folks! 

I know this whole week has been theatre posts, and another one right behind it isn’t exactly ideal for my 

non-theatre friends, but here it is! Theatre is obviously something I’m very passionate about it, and within

that passion I’ve found obsession with the beautiful art that has already been created. Because of this, 

certain roles or characters have caught my eye. These characters all remind me of me, reminding me of

what I want to be, or remind me of what I used to be. I love and dream to be obscure characters, leads,

supporting, all of ‘em.

Today, we’re talking about professional dream roles. I’m going to share a few of mine and I hope you’ll

 share a few of yours with me! Realistic, completely insane, or perfectly fitting, a dream role is a dream

 role and they are all completely valid, no matter their box. 


First up is my all time favorite show, Waitress. For this one, my dream role and type cast differentiate. 

My dream would be Jenna. She’s so simply complex and beautifully crafted that I’d love to dig deep 

into her psyche and really dig around in her soul. That all sounds pretty graphic and incredibly concerning,

but what I mean is that I want to be able to know what makes her tick. I love the complexity of individuals,

and creating a person’s past, present, and future makes me incredibly excited. I think Jenna could be a 

role that I flourish and have so much fun, in the goofy, romantic, and seriously sad moments.Based on my

 usual type cast though, another great role would be Becky. Despite her on-stage presence being sarcastic

and bitchy, she has a much deeper role to fill. She is mother to the girls, who tries to keep them from 

harm in the same way she’s faced it. In bitter and loving attempts, she aims to guide Jenna and Dawn 

while still figuring out what’s going on with herself, and it turns into a beautiful climax at “I Didn’t Plan It”.

 I think this is also another role I could flourish in, mostly due to her comedic bits and serious belting 

(something I love to do, good or not).


Hadestown, Hadestown, Hadestown. How I love you so.

My dream role for this show is Persephones, all of the way, to Hades and back. She is so beautifully 

herself, the entire show. We see her pain and her self-medicating. We feel her soul and her beauty. 

She is such an incredible character that I couldn’t imagine wanting to play anybody else to such a level of


Also, have y’all seen her costumes? A NEED, I’m telling you.

Legally Blonde: 

So, obviously, I want to be Elle Woods. Who doesn’t want to be Elle Woods? 

But because I’m realistic, I also truly want to be Vivienne or Paulette. I’d just really love to be apart of this 

show no matter what role I’d potentially get. It’s such an energetic and wonderfully fun show that being a

Delta Nu sister would be a dream.


Heather. Chandler. 

Her costume, her hair, the red. Her songs, her vocals. I’d love for any chance to be Chandler. I love the 

songs and harmonies she has in the show. Not only that, but I love to play the villain or the initial 

antagonist that has a little more to them (secret or displayed on stage.) Being mean is fun, and any

chance I get to do that as someone else is a blast. 


Amelie forever and ever. She’s the ultimate dreamer who likes to stay in her dreams rather than face 

certain realities that need addressing. In that way, I see a part of myself. I see dreaming and believing is

the way to chase achieving. I see the fear of love and the potential heart break it’s linked to. I see the wild

fantasies and the acts of kindness and the comfortability in being alone. 

I love her quirkiness and her love of creation, within reality or outside of it. I just think that her character 

has so much to explore, something so deep and meaningful to give and have. She is a world that I’d love

 to explore and display, because her spirit and sentiment is of importance to share. 


I’d love to be Rose. 

Her character is so incredibly human, if that makes sense. Rose doesn’t hide her feelings for a second, 

ad says what she thinks throughout the show. Her costumes are within one of my favorite design periods

 (60’s) and her songs are so gorgeous. Especially “Before It’s Over”, which hits me right in the soul, and 

“Pretty Funny”, which hurts so bad because of the resemblance to similar pain. Rose is so beautifully real 

that I’d do anything to mess with that, which would pull from a side of me that needs to be incredibly real. 

She would give as much to me as I could give to her. 

In The Heights:

Nina, Daniela, Abuela Claudia. Any of these beautifully gifted women would be a dream come true.

Nina conveys the entire feel of junior year. Just. She is junior year in a character and considering the 

fact that it’s exactly where I’m at right now, she is the one I most relate to. Daniela is another strong

 mother figure, with a beautiful spirit and a true resilience against adversity. And Abuela Claudia. Am I 

allowed to say that I’d kill it as Abuela Claudia? I’m allowing myself to say it, because I truly think that I’d 

kill it. Her passion and her humor, her motherly presence over the neighborhood and her love and

preservation of the past. They are all beautiful women, inside and out, all of whom would be a blessing to 


Addams Family:

This show is a very recent obsession and has been the core of my existence for what has to be a month 


More specifically, Wednesday Addams. 

I love that we see her, dark and dreary Wednesday Addams, in love and exploring that unknown world for

the first time. She’s a teenager in love, giddy and blooming for the first time.The excitement and weirdness

 that comes with her character is truly gorgeou and something that would be a gift to share on stage. She 

is my favorite at the moment, especially in “Pulled” (most prominently in Pulled) and “Crazier Than You”. 

That’s it for my Professional Dream roles, y’all! Each and every one of these characters would be a 

blessing to receive, and hopefully one day, apart of my playbill bio! (The thought of having a playbill bio is

so wild to me. Like, me? In a playbill? That would be insane.)

I want to know what dream roles you guys have! Are some of mine yours or are they the complete 

opposites? Let me know through email or in the comments below!That’s it for today, folks. I’ll be back on 

Wednesday with something new to share and I hope you’ll be here to share it with me.

Until then!


Hi guys! Thanks so much for reading my blog post!

My dream is to perform on a Broadway stage, and I’d absolutely love to be able to do it in these roles. Dream Roles are an odd thing, but a dreamer is needed for everything. And I am a true dreamer.

As usual, like and comment if you please, I’d love to learn about you and your thoughts on my writing or my blog so far! If you have any thoughts on this post or have any suggestions for what you’d like to see from me in the future, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you all!

Thank you all so much, and I’ll write you all on Wednesday!

Until then!


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