The Past Few Weeks

So I went on an unplanned hiatus for about two months. Here’s what happened!

After the show closed, we went on Thanksgiving break. Not much happened for a few days, it was just a lot of me sitting around and playing computer games, writing some creative fiction stories and baking like crazy.

Then, for three days I took a vacation with my family to San Diego. We took a three-hour road trip and ended up in Old Town San Diego, where we ate breakfast/lunch at a little Mexican place down the street.

We toured old town and wove in and out of shops, with my mother and I sticking close behind my sisters so we could both make sure that they didn’t break anything they couldn’t buy. We got some coloring books and a few little trinkets from the tourist shops before my brother and I took our little sisters out to the lawn to play and take pictures while my parents strolled on their own for a bit.

We headed to the hotel shortly after, but not before making a quick trip to Target to get a bunch of snacks and toiletry necessities like toothbrushes and toothpaste. We got to our room at about 5 and spent some time unpacking and looking through the movie choices on the tv.

At 6, there was a hotel social planned where they were serving meatballs to the guests. We all went down and ate in between sessions of my brother, my dad, and I sucking at ping pong in the hotel patio/quad. After we finished eating we moved to a different, more secluded area of the outside game area to a section of couches with a coffee table that had a huge Jenga game set up. We were incredibly loud and destructive.

Later we just enjoyed being in a hotel room together, my parents, my brother and I laying on the couch, while my sisters were screaming and running around. It was the first time we had been on a family overnight trip since going to San Francisco 7 or 8 years ago, when my sisters were still in diapers. We were taking full advantage of being somewhere new with just us.

We ordered pizza for dinner since the meatballs hadn’t filled us up and watched movies for the rest of the night. I uploaded the pictures I took from my camera to my laptop and laying in the hotel beds with my arms and legs stretched out wide. As well as a solid 15 minutes in the bathroom making stupid faces and taking pictures of myself.

The next day we went down early for breakfast and had waffles, eggs, and bacon. We got dressed and ready to go explore some other parts of San Diego before it started raining. We headed down to the naval ships and walked around, taking some pictures and waiting for the tours to open. We got there about two hours too early, so my sisters got impatient and insisted that we go to the park.

They got so annoying that we caved.

Once we were at the park, my mom looked up some activities that we could all enjoy nearby and found a Japanese Friendship garden. My family has a membership for arboretums around the country because we love to take nature walks and hikes in nature centers. Most frequently, Fullerton and Arcadia.

The girls played for a bit and then we headed over there, hopping on stones over the streams and taking pictures of the waterfalls and flowers we passed along the way. It was beautiful and incredibly quiet, as long as my siblings and I weren’t together making jokes and pushing each other around. Otherwise, it was peaceful and gorgeous, so I’m sure the garden enjoyed itself when the rain clouds and wind sent us home.

After that we stayed in the hotel and hung out, going down for another social and then back up to have some quesadillas and watch She’s The Man. The next morning, Thanksgiving, we checked out and headed home. We had a small dinner for just the six of us in our pajamas, and watched the Macy’s parade, played on our Xbox, and went to sleep full and happy.

Before the break could end, I spent a whole night with friends I’ve loved since middle school. Me, Isaac, Em, Alex, and Izzy all went to Em’s house before break ended and finals drowned us in their many waves. We spent a night watching ELF, wrestling with each other, and decorating cookies to eat with champurrado that Alex and I made. We even had a small competition with the cookies leftover before ending the night in Em’s room watching Chicken Little, cuddling with her dogs and waiting to be picked up.

Finals started their sprint toward us after the best night we’d all had in a while, giving us a week before we hit the ground walking very slowly because of how exhausted we were from pulling all-nighters to study. I was also exhausted from the improv show, which was Christmas themes and went incredibly well

At our school, finals are mainly split up into two days. The first day is for periods 1, 3 and 5, which for me is APUSH, Aerobics, and AP Lang. The second day is periods 2, 4, and, 6 which are Pre-calc, Chicanx Art History, and Drama. This set up allows three hour-and-a-half-long periods per day and a release time of 1:15.

The first day was my hardest, being that I had both AP finals that day. I ended up acing my APUSH final but I’m not sure how my Lang final went, since she never put it in. But I’m sure I did pretty well because it was an essay and I usually do exceedingly well at those. For aerobics that day, we were granted a study hall since we had already turned in our workout video final. It is for that and many more reasons that I adore our aerobics teacher.

The second day was pretty much a piece of cake, except for my math final, which I ended up passing! My Chicanx final was also a pretty easy one for me, considering the fact that it was an open note test and a subject I’m deeply interested in. I got an A on that one, my last final, and enjoyed the period-long round of Uno required by law when there’s free time in the drama room.

I ended with my realistic goal of passing all of my classes with no less than a C and a 3.8 GPA, which is a huge improvement from last year when I ended first and second semester with a 2.6 and a 2.8 (I got two D’s, one in first-semester math and one in second-semester chemistry). I was aiming for a 4.0 (my GPA is weighted because of the AP’s and honors classes), but a few grades caught me up.

After school on that last day, me and a few friends, Cynthia and Nalieah, walked to the center to grab lunch/dinner and then watch Frozen 2, the second time for Nalieah and I. It was somehow more amazing the second time, and we had a lot of fun staying behind in the empty theatre as the credits rolled and the cover versions of the songs played for us to horribly belt along to. Our world tour consisting of “Into the Unknown” (Brendon Urie), “All is Found” (Kacey Musgraves), and “Lost In the Woods” (Weezer) was very well encouraged by our two friends who stayed behind to watch the credits, Andrea and Grace, and the empty chairs surrounding us.


Since then, I’ve just been sitting around and sleeping through the days, unless a trip to Universal Studios or an outing with friends calls for a day spent otherwise.

Speaking of which, I spent a whole night with Em, Isaac, and Alex just this past Friday. We spent two hours skating at the East West Ice Palace’s public hours. Rather, they spent two hours skating and I spent two hours hugging the walls and falling on my butt (Once really hard, so hard that my skate hit the wall of the rink and made a huge bang sound, causing a huge group behind me and my friend Em go “OOOH!”).

I only ever actually left the wall when Em, who is an incredible skater and held my hand from start to finish except for the last few laps, had to pull me around the people who were going too slow on the wall. We had a lot of fun and left with wet pants (just me) and sore feet and ankles (all of us).

Em’s mom picked us up at 9 and we headed to her house to have a little surprise birthday thing for Isaac. Before the ice rink, I got to Em’s early with ice cream and a balloon and helped decorate the cake. A happy birthday sign was hung, kit-kats were wrapped around the cake, and off we went to go ice skating.

When we got there, we covered his eyes for a long time because we forgot to set everything up before we left. Finally, we brought him out and sang “Happy Birthday”, had some cake and ice cream, and watched Step-brothers before the boys went home and Em and I went into her room to begin our sleepover. We talked about almost everything until 5 in the morning and then passed out, waking back up at 10 and waited for my mom to pick me up at 11. I had so much fun hanging with some of my favorite people on the planet for so long, and I can’t wait until we can do it again!

For now, it’s back to reading, playing the Sims 4, and writing until the next time I hang out with them and my family’s 4-day trip to Temecula. I’m really excited to go on another trip and hang out with my friends more often, but I’m especially excited to get back into the routine of writing- on the blog and for myself.

I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday and I’ll get back to you guys on Wednesday.

Until then!


Hi guys! Thanks so much for reading my blog post!

I am so so sorry for not posting for two months. Between family trips and studying for finals, I’ve had a lot going on. Not to mention, I wasn’t in the best of moods because I was so stressed, and I didn’t want those staining my blog or giving you guys bad vibes. But I’m back, and I promise to update you guys if I decide to take another break that big again/

As usual, like and comment if you please, I’d love to learn about you and your thoughts on my writing or my blog so far! If you have any thoughts on this post or have any suggestions for what you’d like to see from me in the future, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you all!

I’ll see you all on Wednesday with a post to kick off 2020!

Until then!


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