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Hello Hello!

It’s been a whole month since I posted the concept introduction of Under the Weather      – previously under the title of a prologue- or anything else for that matter. But, just because I haven’t posted doesn’t mean that I haven’t been writing.

For the past four weeks I’ve been writing for hours on the idea and story line of Under the Weather, and I’ve considered posting them, but ultimately decided against it. I have bigger plans for the stories of Lillian and Jamie, and I really want to give them an entire book or something of the sort. I want to give their lights their own separate time to shine, outside of the blog. I’m really excited about this project and hope you guys can understand the way I want to take this.

I am, however, going to keep you guys updated on whatever character developments and writing progression I make that deserve a notice. I may occasionally post a character description or important information relating to the story and it’s characters in the Under the Weather categories of the blog.

Beside the writing I’ve been doing on my own, I’ve developed three different writing pieces and four other concepts/outlines to be posted within the frame of a new schedule for the blog that I’ll talk about later on in this post.


In other news:

Last month, I auditioned for an outside of school production called “So Now You Know”. Here is a link to the website for the production, where the description of the show (below) comes from.

“So Now You Know combines the strengths of actors and dancers to tell personal stories in words and movement of individual discovery.  This hybrid dance/theatre concept integrates stories and performers in a new engaging dance/theatre experience.  Each performance is developed specifically with a multi-faceted community of performers.  Along with working towards a final performance, our unique development process has the ultimate goal of creating a connected community within each cast that resonates with the audience. Our goal is to unite performers and audience in a moving live theater experience.”

This last Sunday (Superbowl Sunday, surrounded by my family) I was emailed and informed that I was cast in the show! This will be my first professional show and I am beyond ecstatic to begin rehearsal and show construction with a company I’ve never performed with before, in a style I’ve never experienced. If the rehearsal schedule I’ve been emailed proceeds as planned, the first rehearsal is next Saturday.

In addition to the rehearsals for So Now You Know (SNYK), I have rehearsals for Amélie Mondays – Fridays after school until 4 pm, and my Ethnic Studies class with Cal State Long Beach on Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm. I’ll have to miss at least two of the classes for the sake of the SNYK, which I’m really sad about, but I’m too excited and committed to the production to miss the first rehearsals.


March is going to be the busiest month of my life, what with extra rehearsals, and tech, opening and closing weeks of both Amélie and SNYK, plus my first midterm ever for my first college class ever.

So, I apologize in advance if I slip up again in posting. This was and is always going to be a constant theme of my schedule. Being busy and pushing aside my responsibility to the blog is always gonna be a fault of mine, but that doesn’t diminish my passion for my writing and upkeep of this time capsule of mine, my little corner of the Universe where time stands still.

My new schedule involves posts every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 10 am. On Sundays, it will be a weekly recap of personal updates and anything else I find interesting for my own future interest and enjoyment. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, a creative piece, most likely a short story or a “poem” of some sort, although I’m not sure the poems I write even come close to the actual definition or structure of any style of poetry.

I have a rough draft of my posting schedule for the next few weeks listed below, but be sure to check my actual scheduled posts from here on out to look for plausible changes.

  • Tuesday (February 11th) at 10 am- Avocado Tree
    • Avocado Tree is a piece that recounts a special piece of my childhood. It goes over the progression of my relationship with grandparents I don’t speak the same language as and the way we still formed and feed a relationship of love and family connection, through the Sundays we spend laughing underneath an Avocado Tree and inside the blue house.
  • Thursday (February 13th) at 10 am- Child of the Sun, A Star
    • As a Mexican-American girl who doesn’t speak Spanish but displays all the outward stereotypes of her heritage, I’ve always struggled with being enough. American enough for the Eurocentric and Mexican enough for family and ancestors, and Mexicans outside of my bloodline. This poem is the realization that both shine inside me, sun and stars, in a way different from those strictly on either side of my ethnicity and nationality.
  • Sunday (February 16th) at 10 am- Re-Introducing Me
    • This post is a reintroduction of myself and who I’ve become since my re-brand almost a year ago. This will be the 50th post and a primal time to reintroduce who I am and who I want to become at the point of these posts and the 50 beyond.
  • Tuesday (February 18th) at 10 am- Dear Dream Boy
    • My friend has a recurring character in her dreams, a boy that she’s never met before, but that we all deem her soulmate. In it, she also has seen a couple of boys paired with each me and another friend. This is a letter to mine.
  • Thursday (February 20th) at 10 am- Suzanne Sacripant, Circus Freak
    • For every show I do in the Little Theater, I’m required to do some kind of character description, background, or monologue (which are always the longest and most complex, for obvious reasons. Sorry to my director!). This is the monologue I wrote for my current character and most favorite gal, former circus freak and current limping, Cafe-owning bad ass.
  • Sunday (February 23rd) at 10 am- So Now You Know Rehearsals
    • This post, working title and subject, is the weekly update I mentioned in the explanation of the post schedule above.
  • Tuesday (February 25th) at 10 am- Heart Eyes
    • When I can’t sleep, I write. I write about my friends, my family, my problems. This post is a collection of the late night guts I spilled in the notes app on my phone. Specifically, on everything I have felt about the boys who gave me heart eyes.


So, I’ve got a lot going. But! I’m going to do my best job at keeping you entertained while I’m going through my perfect storm of creativity.

I’ll see you guys again with Avocado Tree on Tuesday!

Until then!


Hi guys! I’m sorry for being so MIA, but thanks so much for reading my blog post!

I am so excited to get started on this new schedule and structure for the blog. I’ve been working on my writing and trying to improve it for your benefit and mine.

As usual, like and comment if you please, I’d love to learn about you and your thoughts on my writing or my blog! If you have any thoughts on this post or have any suggestions for what you’d like to see from me in the future, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you all!

I’ll see you all on Tuesday with a piece close to my heart, Avocado Tree.

Until then!


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