Happy Birthday!

Hey guys!

This week  marks a whole year since I re branded the blog! We did it!!!

This past year, I have experienced many a bump in the road, and have celebrated some incredible things. But you guys know all about those, so I won’t go into detail. Earlier today, I was thinking about how this time last year, I had just closed a show and I was in the line of “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland, posting my very first blog post of the re brand. And how today, I’m stuck inside because there’s a global pandemic going on and the government put us on lock down orders to keep us safe. 

The way things can change over the course of a year, huh? Haha…


Last time, I started with an introduction. So, I figured we’d start the next year with the same thing.



My name is Kate Santos, and welcome to Writer’s Cup Of Tea, My Own Little Corner of the Universe. I’m a writer who has somehow found her talent in writing, and many other things, like acting, singing, and directing.

Over the past year, I’ve changed a lot. I’ve thought a lot about what I want to do with my life, I’ve lost friends and made new ones, and I’ve shifted my priorities and goals for the next few years of my life, possibly even the rest of it. My perspective on life has changed a lot, even within the past few months. I’ve gained confidence, I’ve become more of who I feel I’m meant to be, and I’ve started actively dreaming and working toward my new goals. 

I mentioned a few of these “new goals” in Out Into the Universe, one of my most recent blog posts. There, I started to talk about where I see myself in the future. Here, I’m going to actually outline them. Hopefully, I’ll look back in a year and feel good about where I’m headed.

Kate’s Big Plan For The Next Year(s):

  • Get a job. Like, a real one
  • Post on the blog twice a week
    • Grow the blog enough to monetize it.
  •  Take a gap year (time for travel, auditioning, work experience)
  • Get my driver’s license
    • Get a car
    • Move out, probably find a roommate
    • Audition and get representation when I can
    • Land my first professional acting job
    • Write and direct at least one short film
    • Go back to school- if it’s the right move

This is a big difference from my goals a few years ago. Even a few months ago, I had plans to head to a four-year straight away before moving out and entering the workforce. But, recently, that hasn’t felt like the right move for me.

When I first brought it up to my parents about a week ago, my dad’s exact words were “Listen bud, you have to do what’s right for you. No matter what, you’ll always be able to come home.” It was short, and sweet, and followed by an hour long inspirational speech, which is usually what he follows his most quotable moments with.

Moving out is usual for most eighteen-year-olds, so that part isn’t very risky. But taking a gap year and going after a career with no real security, that’s the scary part. Even so, risky isn’t really something I shy away from. Whether it was going to a middle school where I didn’t know a single soul, applying to the NSLC program all the way in New York, auditioning for a role that I really wanted, or even just starting this blog and sharing my writing and my dreams with the people in and outside of my world. The biggest chances I took had the greatest outcomes, and they shaped the dreams that I have now. I don’t plan on changing that attitude any time soon.

And because I’m impatient, I’ve already started to work toward those risks. I have an interview in a few hours, I’ve started studying to get my driver’s permit, and I’m starting to plan a more detailed and secure plan for myself. In addition to that, I’ve written enough to post twice a week for the next three weeks. On Sundays at 11 am, my creative and Jukebox posts will be up; On Thursdays at 3 pm, personal updates and other ramblings will go up.

Besides all of that, thank all of you guys for sticking with me this past year. I know I’ve missed uploads and I’ve left the site in the dark sometimes, but that’s already starting to change. I’m looking forward to the next few years, and I hope you guys are still here to see them through with me.

“Whether I write of the things I do or share the stories I invent, I want it to be in a place for people to experience it with me.

So I hope you’ll come with me. Read the posts, watch me build who I want to become, and share with me your stories. I want to create, experience, and grow, and the place to document it all is right here, in my little corner of of the universe”

I’ll see you guys on Thursday. Until then!


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