Book Rant! *spoiler free*

Hey guys!

So today, I’ve got a different kind of post. It’s book rant time!!!

I’ve always been an dedicated reader, which turned me into an dedicated writer. And recently, I’ve had a problem with being committed to both. So, I decided to re-read one of my favorite books- Between Shades Of Gray by Ruta Sepetys.

This book is one that consumes me, and one that makes me feel like I’m reading it for the first time, every single time that I read it. It’s usually the book that I turn to when I need to get back into reading and it makes me feel ready to become a better writer.

Now, usually when I read this book, it takes me no less than a few days because of school and rehearsals and such. But this time around, I had a lot more free time, and I finished it in a sporadic burst of 6 hours. 

Y’all…I stayed up until four in the morning to finish this book AND watch the movie that I didn’t even know existed. Which, by the way, is called Ashes in the Snow and is free to watch on YouTube.  (However, it is age restricted, so be sure that you have permission to watch it or are at least 18.)

This is the blurb:

“In 1951, fifteen-year-old Lina is preparing for art school, first dates, and all that summer had to offer. But one night, the Soviet secret police barge violently into her home, deporting her along with her mother and younger brother. They are being sent to Siberia. Her father is sentenced to death in a prison camp.

Lina must fight for her life, fearless, vowing that if she survives she will honor her family, and the thousands like hers, by documenting their experience in her art and writing. Only incredible strength, love, and hope can pull Lina and her family through each day.”

This book is a historical-fiction gem, and strives to truthfully dictate the horrific experiences of European people affected by the war, using fictional characters inspired by those events.

It introduces a wide variety of characters, each of which have little quirks that take the place of their names (which I adore. I think it’s absolutely brilliant) and follows Lina in a way that points out the flaws and strengths of all of the characters, including herself. It offers strong characters that are almost never complacent with Lina, and gives us displays of the true pieces of kindness and cruelty that is hidden within every state of society, even the unseen.

Honestly, Between Shades of Gray is my sweet spot in terms of genres and the topics it covers. It is a historical- fiction with the perspective of someone in their time of coming-of-age and involves a young romance, between Lina and a boy she meets in the train cars.

Because I’m trying to make this as spoiler free as possible, I can’t really say much, but I can encourage you to read this book! It follows truly heart-shattering events that can leave you in tears, and soul-healing romantic scenes that are so cute, they’ll make you scream into your pillow.

This book has healed my creativity time and time again, and I’m sure it could do the same for you. Whatever you need healing, or if you just need something to take you away from this mess of a world and gives you a new perspective  into the horrific mess of the past. This book is here.

Now that I’ve finished the book, my motivation to write is through the roof. I’ve worked on my longtime project, I’ve written even more for the Sunday jukebox posts, and I’m thinking about doing another book rant very soon about “The Secret Life Of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd. (Another favorite of mine.)

But for now, I’ll be back on Sunday with another Jukebox.

Let me know if you guys have read this book, or even if you’ve seen the movie! I wanna know what you guys think about it, good or bad. i look forward to hearing from you guys!

I’ll see you on Sunday.

Until then!


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2 thoughts on “Book Rant! *spoiler free*

  1. I’ve hesitated commenting before even though I follow your blog. Mostly cuz I am probably older than your mother! But I thought this might be a good time to chime in…I’ll be checking out this book for sure (and if it’s considered YA, no matter, I love reading all genres of books – even picture books!). I’ll be interested in reading your ‘rant’ on “The Secret Life of Bees” as I enjoyed it, too (hmmm, might dig it out for a re-read).
    Since I’m here, I want to mention your attitude in this time of COVID as a young adult (with your whole life ahead of you) is refreshing and inspirational and much needed. I’ve no doubt your generation is destined for ‘greatness’.

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  2. That was so touching! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and even comment on my post. Lots of love ❤


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