Vacation Family

My family has never quite been a vacation family. [Vacation Family- A family who, time and money allowing, takes vacations together.] We always had too much going on, my parents having school and work, my brother and I having school and rehearsals, and my sisters being hell-raising toddlers that were on the verge of becoming leash babies. That didn’t mean that we didn’t spend time … Continue reading Vacation Family

Updates from the Middle of Northern California!!

Hello all! Last week, I posted my first piece back from the mouth of High School Hell. Actually, high school wasn’t too bad for the last bit of it. But “mouth of High School Hell” made me giggle, so… Anyways. Today I was planning on posting another kind of update, since my fam was going on vacation. But, we ended up doing so much walking … Continue reading Updates from the Middle of Northern California!!