Updates from the Middle of Northern California!!

Hello all!

Last week, I posted my first piece back from the mouth of High School Hell.

Actually, high school wasn’t too bad for the last bit of it. But “mouth of High School Hell” made me giggle, so…


Today I was planning on posting another kind of update, since my fam was going on vacation. But, we ended up doing so much walking and swimming everyday that by the end of them, we passed out hard back at the hotel, and woke up just in time to do whatever was planned the next day.

Me and the fam, living life on a Ferry is San Francisco that took us around the bay, under the bridge, and past Alcatraz!

Which, side note, I mean literally. One day we woke up just in time to have breakfast, and with the combination of not finding a spot until 11:30, and crazy traffic at the Santa Cruz boardwalk, we almost didn’t make it to our train through the redwoods. The train was meant to leave at 12, and at 11:50 we were in unmoving traffic, a mile out from the station.

My dad made us get out and run to it, since the tickets were non-refundable. We waited on the train for about 20 nerve-wracking minutes to see if he would make it. Some families were getting on late, and each time a new one got on we would pray that he was with them.

He never was, but just before we left, my mom called him and, out of breath, he let us know he was right in front of the train.

He had broken from the traffic first chance he got, parked in a motel, and ran double what we had speed-walked to get there.

Super-dad style.

That day was a lot of fun, after he caught his breath of course. I’ll go more in-depth about it when I get home, which is where I’m heading right now.

So hello from the car, somewhere in the middle of Northern California, just off the Marra Bro’s stand. (We got both kinds of cherries, a basket of strawberries, like 12 avocados, and some dried fruit. I think my dad got some pistachios too. I don’t really know everything we grabbed, but I’m munching on two bags of cherries right now, and that’s all I really care about.

They’re so good.)

Back to the point.

Actually, I don’t really remember the point.

Oh yeah!

So, if today isn’t the day I post the update, what the hell is this post for, and when will the next one be posted?

This post is to let you know that for today, there is no post. Not one that I took the deserved time to write, anyways. (Again, I’m on my laptop using a hotspot from my phone in the middle of Northern California.)

This is more update to why there is no real update.

The real update will be posted on Wednesday! Once I collect my millions of photos and weed out the bad ones, put some words together that will lack to describe true feelings (as they always tend to do), and pick a time to post it up.

I’m very excited to talk about this one, since this was the first real family vacation we’ve taken since Thanksgiving/Christmas time of 2019!

It was a great trip, but I’m exhausted, and excited to get home, nap, and write.

Until Friday, when I leave for San Diego by train with my friends!

It’s the first time all of us are going on a trip we planned, all on our own. No adults. We’re excited, but also terrified, because it’s another reminder that we’re becoming the adults.

There will be more time to talk about that next Monday, though. When I’ve experienced it enough to tell all of you guys about it.

Until then…

Well actually, until Wednesday.

And then until then!

I’ll be sleeping, unpacking and packing again. I hope while I’m doing that, you guys will all be reading this, and some of the other stuff you may have missed!

Good Morning (or afternoon/night, depending on when you’re reading this) and I’ll talk to you all soon!!!

-Kate Santos

17 years old

Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, California

June 21st, 2021, 11:00am


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