Updates From My Bedroom Window!

Hello All!

I want to first start off with a thank you, for all the love and support the blog and I have received over these past two weeks. Truly, I haven’t seen this many views, likes, comments, and new faces since April of 2019, so this means the world.

Welcome, newcomers! I am so excited that you’re here. And for those I know in my personal life, or who have followed me for forever, I am so excited that you’ve always stuck around.

Being that this feels like an exciting start of something new, I figure a re-introduction was in order.

So, Hello!

Me at the beginning of 2020

My name is Kate Santos, and I am the creator and sole writer of writerscupoftea.com ! I started this blog many many years ago when my parents suggested that I start sharing my writing with the rest of the world. I was only 13 then, about to enter my Freshman year of high school, nervous for any criticism or attention my pieces would get.

Over the years, I’ve put the blog down and picked it back up again like a child would with a toy they tire of easily. But now that I’m 17, with a high school diploma in hand and a whole gap year to fill, I figured it was time to get back to doing what I know best: writing to you all!

This time around, I’ll be following a more lenient schedule that I’m way more comfortable with.

Every week will include a promise of two creative posts, as well as a potential third that could include a personal update, or notifications about changes coming to the blogs, or really anything else I feel like writing about.

These creative posts will be going up on Mondays and Thursdays, at 2pm PST. On Mondays, the chapters of my new series, “I Become Kitt.” On Thursdays, the parts of my series “Jukebox.” If you’re curious as to what they are both about, I would suggest following me on Instagram, at @writerscupoftea , where I give a lengthy and in-depth description of the series. You can also check them out by clicking here for Jukebox or here for I Become Kitt !

And as for the potential personal or blog updates, like this one, they would go up on Saturdays at 2pm PST!

I’m really excited to grow, as a writer and a person, with all of you wonderful people as my audience.

In time, I hope that we get to know one another better, and that you let me know what you think about my writing, about my photos, my characters, the songs I choose to use, and really anything else you feel the want or need to comment on.

Because you all are the reason that I get to keep doing what I love most!

So, to get that ball rolling, I was wondering if you could do me a favor?

For the Jukebox series, I use songs that bring up painfully beautiful memories or make me think of striking scenes that carry my thoughts faster than my fingers can hit the keys of my laptop.

Being that I love to write these pieces, I’m constantly burning through songs and running out of ones to use.

So, if you have any songs that you would like me to use, or any ideas to go along with them, please let me know in the comments below! I’d be more than happy to write them for you (with inspiration credit, of course)!

Thank you in advance for all of your help and interactions with my little site. It truly means the world.

For now, I’ll keep fine-tuning Monday’s post, which will be the second chapter in the “I Become Kitt” series. If you’re interested in catching up with it before then, you’re in luck. I’ve only just released the first chapter of the series, which you can find here.

Happy reading, and I’ll see you all on Monday!

Until Then,

-Kate Santos

17 years old

Somewhere, Southern California

July 10th, 2021 2:00pm


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