Circe by Madeline Miller: A Rambling

“Beneath my feet were the bones of a thousand years. I thought: I can not bear this world a moment longer. Then, child, make another.” _________________ A good writer is an even better reader. This is a truth well known by all, and one that I’ve been dodging since I started this blog. In elementary school, I devoured books like fire, and that pace only … Continue reading Circe by Madeline Miller: A Rambling

Secrecy (Jukebox Pt. 6)

This post is inspire by the PostSecret exhibit. It is held at the Museum Of Us in San Diego, California. Learn more about it at _______________ We tend to keep things hidden. Why bring up the grief that has passed? Why speak fears into existence? Why recognize the consequences of ambition? But soon enough, the intricacies begin to sprout and complexities replace roots. Secrecy … Continue reading Secrecy (Jukebox Pt. 6)