Heading To New York!

Tomorrow I head to New York! I am beyond excited and even more nervous, but I just know that that this is going to be one of the greatest experiences of my life! Because I recorded such a long video, I’ll keep the writing short! I will sadly not be posting anything while I’m in New York, or for a bit after I get back! … Continue reading Heading To New York!

Explaining The NSLC Theatre Program

As the session gets closer and closer, my excitement for New York is only growing. Packing lists are being made, money is being saved, and other preparations are being placed to get ready to take my flight to New York City. While I’m so undeniably excited about the trip, I can’t forget who got me there. My Mom and Dad, who paid for the whole … Continue reading Explaining The NSLC Theatre Program

Summer Plans!

Hey guys, happy Friday! So like I said before, this summer is going to be a packed one! We’ve got shows to see here, first plane rides to take there, and a studio tour to ride as many times as I possibly can. But to understand how all of this impacts the blog and what kind of posts I’ll be uploading for the next two … Continue reading Summer Plans!