Opening Week!

Wow wow wow. We did it, guys! We opened the show! This week was really rough, what with the rehearsals, set builds, and fight calls until 6pm and the piles of homework that I’ve been ignoring (sorry mom) because of this hellish tech week. But! The whole cast and our director made it out alive. This week, I spent fun days raising the walls and … Continue reading Opening Week!

Here’s What’s Been Happening

  So uh…hello there. We all know we haven’t posted in a while and yes, yes, I should be ashamed. But! I have very good explanations, all of which are conveniently listed below. Extremely Valid Excuse #1: The show is opening in a few weeks and omg! I’m so far from ready!! Okay not really, but that’s what it feels like. I’m off script and, … Continue reading Here’s What’s Been Happening

Dream Roles

Happy Show Tune Sunday folks!  I know this whole week has been theatre posts, and another one right behind it isn’t exactly ideal for my non-theatre friends, but here it is! Theatre is obviously something I’m very passionate about it, and within that passion I’ve found obsession with the beautiful art that has already been created. Because of this, certain roles or characters have caught … Continue reading Dream Roles