Dream Roles

Happy Show Tune Sunday folks!  I know this whole week has been theatre posts, and another one right behind it isn’t exactly ideal for my non-theatre friends, but here it is! Theatre is obviously something I’m very passionate about it, and within that passion I’ve found obsession with the beautiful art that has already been created. Because of this, certain roles or characters have caught … Continue reading Dream Roles

What’s Not Inside (Fan Review)

Hello Hello! Last week, an album titled “What’s Not Inside: The Lost Songs From Waitress” was dropped by the beautiful and incredible Sara Bareilles.  Waitress stole my heart before staged production even began when Sara Bareilles released an album titled “What’s Inside” in 2015. The production only made my love grow larger, and seeing the touring production with my Nina last year doubled my heart … Continue reading What’s Not Inside (Fan Review)

Times Are Hard For Dreamers

Happy Sunday Folks! This week I carry with me a beautiful musical named “Amelie”. This show has been streamed all summer on my Spotify, and I can’t seem to get enough of it. To give you a little insight into what the show is about, here’s a little summary from the show’s website. “Amélie is the story of an astonishing young woman who lives quietly … Continue reading Times Are Hard For Dreamers

The Search For Elle Woods

Every once in a while, at the peak of my musical obsession and at the very low points in the realization of the difficulty of a Broadway dream, I fall down a youtube hole that very few theatre kids remember exists. “Legally Blonde: The Musical – The Search for Elle Woods” This reality T.V. series from the early 2000s’ documents the journey of ten women … Continue reading The Search For Elle Woods

Hadestown Takes The Heart

Hello Hello Hello! Welcome to the very first Show Tune Sunday! What is Show Tune Sunday? Well, I’m glad you asked random viewer in the back of the house! Show Tune Sunday is a new category of posts I’ve created to include more Musical Theatre discussion in the blog. Every Sunday, if the schedule permits it, I will discuss my favorite show of the week. … Continue reading Hadestown Takes The Heart