I Got The Part!

Hello Friends! This week has been quite eventful and super anxiety-inducing. But! It has been a thrilling glimpse into my next few months. At my school, there are two different drama departments. One is a typical high school organization, with one musical a year and solely after school production. The other is a class called Advanced Drama, which has at least one fall play and … Continue reading I Got The Part!

Times Are Hard For Dreamers

Happy Sunday Folks! This week I carry with me a beautiful musical named “Amelie”. This show has been streamed all summer on my Spotify, and I can’t seem to get enough of it. To give you a little insight into what the show is about, here’s a little summary from the show’s website. “Amélie is the story of an astonishing young woman who lives quietly … Continue reading Times Are Hard For Dreamers

Sophmore Year

High School Round Two. This year was one of struggle and challenge in all places of my life. But that’s what I’m guessing all of life is. Struggle and challenge with a sprinkle of ease and achievement. In all aspects, I’ve been putting myself through an overdramatic hell. Most of that was done in the first semester, truly one of the rockiest semesters I’ve ever … Continue reading Sophmore Year

Spiral of Support

Supporting Character– a character in a narrative that is not the focus of the primary storyline, but appears or is mentioned in the story enough to be more than just a minor character or a cameo appearance. Sometimes, supporting characters may develop a complex back-story of their own, but this is usually in relation to the main character, rather than entirely independently. Since the beginning of my career on stage, I have forever … Continue reading Spiral of Support

Senior Showcase 2019

The night that I’ve dreaded since the beginning of the year has finally come and gone. Senior showcase. I’ve now witnessed two equally painful showcases, this one hitting my heart the hardest. It was a night of nostalgia, anxiety, and laughs. It was a few shared moments on stage, the last few, with the people I love the most. At the beginning of the day … Continue reading Senior Showcase 2019