Valentines Day

I love Valentines Day. Something about a whole day dedicated to loving friends and family and significant others makes me feel all warm and gooey, and it’s a corporate holiday I take a huge liking too. Much like people would to Christmas or Superbowl Sunday. So this Valentines Day, like every Valentines day since Freshman year, I gave out flowers. Usually the day or night … Continue reading Valentines Day

The Past Few Weeks

So I went on an unplanned hiatus for about two months. Here’s what happened! After the show closed, we went on Thanksgiving break. Not much happened for a few days, it was just a lot of me sitting around and playing computer games, writing some creative fiction stories and baking like crazy. Then, for three days I took a vacation with my family to San … Continue reading The Past Few Weeks

16 Things I’ve Learned At 16

Today happens to be my sixteenth birthday! It was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had, all because of the friends I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learned over the past year. Since I’m so greatly appreciative of them, I figured I’d share them with all of you and keep them as a reminder for myself, for when I (often) forget. Forgive but don’t … Continue reading 16 Things I’ve Learned At 16

July Schedule

June was quite a month, filled with many great adventures and lots of ideas and new things that I’m excited to bring to the blog in July! Along with those great times came some pretty big realizations: My expectations are way too high. While reviewing the schedule I made about a month ago, I realized that the posting schedule I made for myself the week … Continue reading July Schedule