16 Things I’ve Learned At 16

Today happens to be my sixteenth birthday! It was one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had, all because of the friends I’ve made and the lessons I’ve learned over the past year. Since I’m so greatly appreciative of them, I figured I’d share them with all of you and keep them as a reminder for myself, for when I (often) forget. Forgive but don’t … Continue reading 16 Things I’ve Learned At 16

July Schedule

June was quite a month, filled with many great adventures and lots of ideas and new things that I’m excited to bring to the blog in July! Along with those great times came some pretty big realizations: My expectations are way too high. While reviewing the schedule I made about a month ago, I realized that the posting schedule I made for myself the week … Continue reading July Schedule

Family Days!

Hello, hello and welcome to another round of Kate’s family-day-photo dump! In this week’s post, you’ll be getting not one but two days’ worth of pretty photos taken by none other than the writer herself (me, by the way). This week, my dad was off on Wednesday and Thursday. So, my parents decided that we would have back-to-back family outings. They took us to explore … Continue reading Family Days!

Arboretum Adventure

During the summer, my family loves to take mini adventures all around California to discover more of the state we’ve seen so little of. Sometimes we go all the way up north to explore San Francisco, and sometimes we take the drive to downtown LA (our favorite, if I’m being honest). But usually, we keep it local, going to little gems that are nearby. On … Continue reading Arboretum Adventure

My Happiest Place On Earth

Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the many popular attractions that pull people from all sections of the globe to experience the wondrous state of California. It also happens to be where I spend most of my Sundays and Thursdays since the beginning of the year. Every year, my parents gift me and my siblings with one of the most important things in my wallet: … Continue reading My Happiest Place On Earth