Little Green Notebook

Little Green Notebook

Hello, and welcome. You are now inside the pages of a little green notebook.

Having lived most of my life inside my own head, the line between reality and what I thought reality would be has grown thicker and thicker, creating a border between my brain and everybody else’s.

So I took a notebook my parents got me to track my finances, and snuck it in my backpack, for when the line felt a little too thick, and I started to cross it just a little too much.

Which, it turns out, is all the damn time.

In the middle of hockey games, at concerts, in museums, at parks, in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic, and on hospital elevators next to strangers who can’t stop talking about how “over the masks” they are.

In moments when I feel incredibly alone inside my own brain and much too crowded just outside of it, I take out my little green notebook, jot down the key points and problems, the possible solutions and answers, and make it later Kate’s problem.

Well. It’s later Kate.

And I’m here to f*ck some sh*t up.

Starting today, May 22nd, 2022, you are cordially invited to watch my mental spiral of self-destruction.

So long as my pride and ego allow, every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday will begin and end with me and my words flooding your timeline, crowding your for you page, and blowing up your email notifications.

Incessant ringing and dinging and chirping are in your future.

Good Luck.

Globe Trotting Leads You To Seattle

Publish Dates:

-Wednesday, May 25th at 11am

>blog post on

-Friday, May 27th at 5pm*

>short film on youtube

Glow-in-the-dark stars don’t stick to stucco

Publish Dates:

-Sunday, May 29th at 11am

>blog post on

-Wednesday, June 1st at 11am

>short film on

I want to wear pink and talk about hockey

Publish Dates:

-Sunday, June 5th at 11am

>blog post on, to be linked

-Wednesday, June 8th at 11am

>short film on youtube, to be linked

the subsequent blog posts to be announced as they continue, weekly. the last of the series is to be published on 8/21/22 and 8/24/22.

all times in PST

*updated or change in time and schedule