from the diary of an object

I found out about my loss of human status on a place where I post pictures of myself in cute dresses and pretty sunsets.

So instead of feeling like the world is spinning, I feel more like my place in it is permanent and still. Not as the living, breathing lifeform that I was five seconds ago.

But as a stone-still statue that they’ve tapped their gavels like wands to turn me into. Continue reading from the diary of an object

the demise of a teenage girl

Sometimes, it takes everything in me to write here. To make my words seen on a website and not a private document, where there’s no pressure, no people. Just me and my words in my own little tide pool of self-depreciation and egotistical boosts. Sometimes, it takes nothing in me to write here. Because putting something on here either feels like a shout into the … Continue reading the demise of a teenage girl


Time will go as fast as it fancies to. That is what September has taught me. In August, time almost dragged until the very end. Every day barely passed, every day lasted years. Until it was September. The first few days of it passed the same, two weeks of book research and Driver’s Test handbooks, until I got an email. It was from the Choreographer … Continue reading September