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I think I’ve been waiting to write something revolutionary. Something that brings tears to the masses and healing to the few. Something that makes it so that I’m finally understood, known within and without, and before having to share too much. I’ve been staring at blinking cursors and blank pages, napkins and paper bags, receipts and rationed sticky notes. Wishing my words would write themselves, … Continue reading alright.

The Numb of Post Adolescence (Jukebox, P.1)

In true coming of age fashion, I have compiled a playlist that captures what my movie would feel like. It’s full of heartbreaking, soul saving, exhilarating songs that make me okay with the fact that I’m an adult now, that has to do adult things, like driving over speed bumps and paying for my own movie tickets. Like all genre playlists, though, there’s subdivisions. There … Continue reading The Numb of Post Adolescence (Jukebox, P.1)