A Few Months Go By

On May 10th, 2020 I had one of the longest and most intense anxiety attacks since eighth grade. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t hear, and even when the hard-hitting moments had slowed, the subtle lacing of the general anxiety and nervousness all day was still there. But the actual anxiety attack or the rest of that day wasn’t even the worst part. The worst part … Continue reading A Few Months Go By

Sophmore Year

High School Round Two. This year was one of struggle and challenge in all places of my life. But that’s what I’m guessing all of life is. Struggle and challenge with a sprinkle of ease and achievement. In all aspects, I’ve been putting myself through an overdramatic hell. Most of that was done in the first semester, truly one of the rockiest semesters I’ve ever … Continue reading Sophmore Year