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I Become Kitt, Ch. 8: Dead or Alive

I watched as two yellow-spotted, brown butterflies flew and fluttered from tree to tree, trying to get unstuck. Their legs had latched and their wings had found a flight pattern, and somehow it had rendered them improved. Too big for birds, to high for snakes.
Their entanglement made them better, made them faster, made them safer.
It would take them a long time to accept it, but they were stuck together all the same. Continue reading I Become Kitt, Ch. 8: Dead or Alive

What I Read Last Month!

Since graduation, my time is spent a little differently than I’m used to. I don’t have homework to worry about, I don’t have tests to study for (except for the driving test), and no classes to attend, at least until next fall. I got another job, but it’s part time and leaves me with huge holes in my schedule, which is exactly what I wanted. … Continue reading What I Read Last Month!