Hello, and welcome to Writer’s Cup Of Tea!

This blog is the realization of my passions; past, present, and, hopefully, future.

I started this blog back in 2017, with the same name, on a different platform. I left it unattended for almost a year before starting it back up here, on WordPress, in 2019.

Since then, it’s known many forms, many moments of abandonment, and many surges of creativity.

Now that you’ve met the blog, I suppose it’s time you’ve met me!

Hi! My name is Kate Santos, and I’m the creator, owner, and sole writer of writerscupoftea.com !

I’m eighteen, though I look twenty-two and act like I’m still thirteen, and reaching the end of my gap year. I’ve got ambitions of becoming an author, a screenwriter, and a film producer and director, and I’m hoping to use this blog and the upcoming year to make myself worthy of those titles.

This blog tells stories of who I was, and who I have become, and I hope you have taken, or will take, the time to learn a little about both.

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