First Few Days at NSLC Fordham

These past few months you guys have watched and read about me majorly freaking out about a little thing called the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC for short). I was nervous that I would spend the entire time friendless, miserable, and full of regret about choosing this program over another that I had already been accepted to. The only thing that made me miserable about … Continue reading First Few Days at NSLC Fordham

Heading To New York!

Tomorrow I head to New York! I am beyond excited and even more nervous, but I just know that that this is going to be one of the greatest experiences of my life! Because I recorded such a long video, I’ll keep the writing short! I will sadly not be posting anything while I’m in New York, or for a bit after I get back! … Continue reading Heading To New York!

Explaining The NSLC Theatre Program

As the session gets closer and closer, my excitement for New York is only growing. Packing lists are being made, money is being saved, and other preparations are being placed to get ready to take my flight to New York City. While I’m so undeniably excited about the trip, I can’t forget who got me there. My Mom and Dad, who paid for the whole … Continue reading Explaining The NSLC Theatre Program

Hadestown Takes The Heart

Hello Hello Hello! Welcome to the very first Show Tune Sunday! What is Show Tune Sunday? Well, I’m glad you asked random viewer in the back of the house! Show Tune Sunday is a new category of posts I’ve created to include more Musical Theatre discussion in the blog. Every Sunday, if the schedule permits it, I will discuss my favorite show of the week. … Continue reading Hadestown Takes The Heart

Red, White, And Blue

Fourth of July. A day of celebration and the literal explosions of pride for a country that is as much of a mess as it’s people. It’s a day I usually spend with my family, barbecuing and watching fireworks. But on the day before, July 3rd, I go to the park to watch the city’s presentation with a few friends! This year I shared the … Continue reading Red, White, And Blue