Family Days!

Hello, hello and welcome to another round of Kate’s family-day-photo dump! In this week’s post, you’ll be getting not one but two days’ worth of pretty photos taken by none other than the writer herself (me, by the way). This week, my dad was off on Wednesday and Thursday. So, my parents decided that we would have back-to-back family outings. They took us to explore … Continue reading Family Days!

Arboretum Adventure

During the summer, my family loves to take mini adventures all around California to discover more of the state we’ve seen so little of. Sometimes we go all the way up north to explore San Francisco, and sometimes we take the drive to downtown LA (our favorite, if I’m being honest). But usually, we keep it local, going to little gems that are nearby. On … Continue reading Arboretum Adventure

Beauty and the Beast at the La Mirada Theatre

Everyone has their thing. The mass majority usually split their interests in sports, movies and TV. Lucky enough for me, I found all of those and the hidden gem that is Musical Theatre. Just next to performing on stage (and occasionally writing about it), watching someone enjoy the same passion is one of the many privileges I enjoy most in the world. To take in … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast at the La Mirada Theatre

A Day With My Gals

Yesterday was the first time I’d gotten out of the house with friends since summer started. We’ve only been on vacation for about two weeks, but it felt like forever since I’d seen my best chums. After pushing it off for a while out of pure laziness, Natalie and I finally decided to go shopping at Savers. We brought along Brisa and Olivia, newfound best … Continue reading A Day With My Gals

AP Summer Projects

Junior year is two months away, but it’s terrors start now. Just when I thought I had escaped the pressures of school, I’m reminded of the absolutely idiotic decision I made mid-semester: I signed myself up for three AP classes. It’s their fault, really. They caught me at my weakest, in need of a higher GPA and in a haze of textbooks and pretty pens. … Continue reading AP Summer Projects