AP Summer Projects

Junior year is two months away, but it’s terrors start now.

Just when I thought I had escaped the pressures of school, I’m reminded of the absolutely idiotic decision I made mid-semester: I signed myself up for three AP classes. It’s their fault, really. They caught me at my weakest, in need of a higher GPA and in a haze of textbooks and pretty pens.

After two weeks of messing around playing the Sims 4 and going to Universal Studios, I’m finally forced to sit down and get to work. With colored pens, a notebook, and my history textbook in hand, it’s time to prepare for the ever-dread APUSH course.

After drudging through AP Euro, I feel like I know the drill. What kind of notes to take, the process of reading and rereading, the endless pain of key terms and studying the maps. Only this time, the subject is something I’m actually familiar with.

I owe this to the fact that we’ve been studying American history for years, as well as my love for all things American history because of the many musicals and documentaries surrounding it. Not to mention, my mom is an American History Teacher. I’ve got this in the bag.

With AP Lang, there’s a little bit more question to my abilities. But, I’ve made it through language art classes before and I’ll do it again.

The only one that truly terrifies me, down to my core, is AP Psych.

“Kate, you don’t want to be a psychologist,” you say. “You don’t need this class.”

Well, kind stranger, you’re absolutely right.

But this is something I’m interested in, and the funds at my school allow it to be free to take. Therefore, I’m taking it while I have the chance. I plan to take as many classes that I can in my realm of interest while they’re still free.

With that, I’ve placed myself with burden, but not for this summer.

Thankfully, the only summer projects assigned are the APUSH and AP Lang projects, both of them with conceivable completion.

For APUSH I have to read the first unit from the textbook and take notes on it (plus key terms) , as well as memorize and be able to map the colonies.

For AP Lang, I have to read two books (The Narrative, Fredrick Douglas; The Crucible, Arthur Miller), of which I already plan on reading on the planes to and from New York.

The only thing that will require a study schedule (like the one I have set up for the APUSH project- to keep track with the project and its completion) is the columnist part. In this section, we have to follow current events, certain journalists, and complete a writing portion to have the assignment considered complete.

This summer is leaving me with a lot to take on, a little taste of the oncoming obstacles of Junior year. Right now, schedules and stationary are all that can save me from the darkness of study hell.

For now it’s back to my desk, for some founding fathers and Washington Post columnists. I’ll write you all on Wednesday about a workout break at Planet Fitness.

Until then!


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Until then!


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